Instructions for installing dynamic domain name on Draytek router

This article was made on router Draytek vigor 2950

Step 1: Log in to the router device, in the left menu select Applications -> Dynamic DNS.

Step 2: on the DDNS settings information page.

  1. Check: Enable Dynamic DNS Setup
  2. In the Index column, select any 1 column

Step 3: Fill in the account information and settings provided from

The installation information at has a sample as follows:

At the settings of the router, fill in the information according to the following steps:

  1. Check: Enable Dynamic DNS Account.
  2. Service Provider: Select User-Defined.
  3. Provider Host: Enter the address provided by Fastddns in the Provider host field
  4. Service API: Enter the parameters provided by Fastddns in the Service API section
  5. Auth Type : select basic.
  6. Connection Type: select HTTPS
  7. Server Response: leave blank
  8. Login Name: Enter username Fastddns
  9. Password: Enter host Fastddns password (Not login password
  10. Determine WAN IP: select WAN IP

After filling in all the information, get OK to save.

The installation should resemble the sample as follows:

After saving, wait 2-5 minutes for the domain name to be updated to the IP address. Good luck.