How to install Free Dynamic DNS for CCTV Dahua.

Conditions required to be able to install the camera domain name for free:

  1. The device must be connected to the Internet, please check if the connection works properly.
  2. Please confirm that the Internet access port is open and that the default port to open is usually: 80.37777 (Default gateway for cameras DAHUA and OEM brands from DAHUA). Check the port is opened using the Port Check here
  3. You are keeping the login information to the installation device. The default is admin:admin
  4. You already know the LAN IP address of the device, usually by default:
  5. Website Free Dynamic DNS: FASTDDNS.NET.

Step by Step Instructions

This article is manipulated on a device that is NVR DAHUA.

Step 1: Create hostname. See the instructions in the article: Instructions to create a free dynamic DNS hostname.

Step 2: Get hostname installation information.

Step 3: Input your device's IP address into Internet Explorer, and login.

The default address is: If you've changed ip and port 80, go to the IP address you've changed.

Step 4: Go to Settings -> Network -> TCP/IP, Change 2 existing DNS addresses to:

  1. Primary DNS:
  2. Secondary DNS:

Step 5: Go to Settings -> Network -> DDNS

  1. Choose Enable DDNS.
  2. Choose typeDDNS: DynDNS or No-ip.
  3. Server IP address: default is ( or Please delete and change to:
  4. In the Domain Name, Account and Password fields, you fill in the information provided in Step 1.
  5. Save.

Once you're done installing, go back to the domain name manager page and check if the domain has been updated (it usually takes between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to get a new IP address update).

Good luck with your installation.